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Meeting the Pure Players - Lojtech

August 24, 2020by Site Default

As the spectacular e-commerce revolution continues its conquest of new customers, the textile and retail sector has also fallen to its charm, welcoming new players most of whose activities are carried out digitally.

Unlike historical distributors, these “pure players” pick their niche carefully, and are very keen on social and environmental issues, the price tag no longer being the top priority. However, carrying only a partial notion of what the establishment of a supply chain entails, its mastery is a constant challenge for these emerging brands. Understanding this need, Lojtech capitalizes on its role of coach, providing these emerging brands with personalized skill development support. 

At Lojtech, we allow pure players complete control over the upstream supply chain.

With its long standing legacy as prime solutions provider, Lojtech is adapting its offer to meet these emerging brands needs by stepping in on four main components:

  • Pattern making
  • Sourcing materials product adaptation.
  • Searching for manufacturing plants adapted to the specifics of the product.
  • Monitoring and control.