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HR & Careers Policy - Lojtech

We believe in management based on the empowerment, respect and accountability of our employees. Our human resources are our biggest strength.
Lojtech’s commitment: support our employees in their career advancement by offering training programs to develop their skills in order to adapt efficiently to new developments.

CEO - Founder Serge Chouchana

Deputy Director Houda Benkirane

It’s a pleasure and honor to be part of the Lojtech team for over 17 years, and that’s for many reasons.
Firstly, the motivation and unconditional support we get from Mr. Chouchana with whom we share the same values and vision for the company. Secondly the very positive working climate and team spirit. And last but not least the opportunity to take up new challenges and carry out important professional projects, while still having room to accomplish myself on a personal level.

Modelist / Quality TechnicianAsmaa Sebbar

At Lojtech, everyone is treated the same way, whether they are staff or superiors. We all work in an atmosphere of respect and team spirit. And every day, we listen carefully to the opinions of others, with cordiality and humility. I believe that it is this seriousness, this availability and this commitment that make our reputation.

Quality Technician Leila Zerhoud

We are delighted with our image with our partners, particularly the manufacturers who hold us in high esteem and are always very satisfied with our added value.
It creates a genuine sense of belonging, and increases our motivation to work harder.


Quality TechnicianSaid Bahamou

Lojtech puts at our disposal all the adequate and necessary means to facilitate our task. In particular, we have personal computers with Internet connexion and mobile phones with a subscription in addition to other useful tools for our task.
Professional training helps us develop and build new skills, keep to date our professional knowledge, and stay up to date with an ever growing industry.

Administrative Assistant Samira Aamiri

My job gives me the privilege of being able to thrive in my professional life and especially to deepen my knowledge and discover new perspectives for my career.
After 9 years at Lojtech, I am very proud to belong to this company which is committed to the personal and professional development of its staff.

Operation ManagerAbdelfattah El Hajjajy

My experience at Lojtech makes its team my second family. This bond is more personal than professional. Being part of Lojtech is also proof of professional success for me, and a constant opportunity to surpass myself, especially with continuous training.
In a word, I am proud to work at Lojtech with Mr Chouchana and his team.